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Keypad Puzzle with Standard BAC

ERT Keypad Puzzle Kit includes

  • Escape Room Techs Bad ASS Controller
  • FX45 Full I/O Expansion Board
  • FX18 I/O card for BAC
  • 12-Key, metal keypad, IP65, splash proof
  • Professional wiring harnesses (Keypad to FX18 & FX18 to BAC)
  • Keypad Code Puzzle Firmware installed and configured

Keypad Puzzle Framework Overview

There are anywhere from 1 to 4 configurable independent keypad codes that require the user to duplicate in order to solve successfully. For every successful solution code entered an event can be triggered.

After the Hardware assembly ….Configuring the Basics within the Bad ASS Manager

After installing your hardware, connect the BAC and BAM to your network. Open the BAM and after a few seconds, the BAC will become available for configuration

Click on the “Configure” button and on the “General” screen goto the dropdown box and select the “Keypad” game. At the bottom of the screen, click on the “save” box to saving your configuration change


Game Configuration

Goto the “Game” screen and next to “Solution 1 through 4 enter the solve code for each solution required. The amount of allowed digits can be from 1 to 16. See the screenshots below to identify available configuration options




Defining your output Events

The “Events” screen is where the output actions are defined. In the above screenshot “Solution1” when solved will execute a custom user definable output event “CustomEvent0” and “Solution2” will execute the “solve”event, the BAM’s predefined “puzzle solved” ending output event.




FX18 / Keypad Wiring Diagram





Keypad Puzzle with Audio BAC Component configuration



FX18 to Keypad wiring