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  • Bad ASS Controller Release 1.9.2

Bad ASS Controller Release 1.9.2

BAC 1.9.2 Changes and New Features

  • Simon Says
    • Added ability to record and play multiple different sequences
    • Added ability to set custom actions for solving each sequence
    • Added option to show sequences triggered by an input
  • Input Sequence
    • Added ability to record and play multiple different sequences
    • Added ability to set custom actions for solving each sequence
  • Blink Output
    • New event action
    • Blinks an output continuously until the output is turned off
    • Options are the output name and the blink duration
  • RFID Game
    • Changed when Hit and Miss events are called to be more useful in different kinds of situations
    • Improved behavior of input check
    • Updated UI to use the more generic term “Reader” instead of FX200
  • Added many new log messages and updated existing ones to be more informative
  • Optimized to use less RAM

BAC 1.9.2 Bug Fixes

  • Patch Cable game not working in recent versions
    • Symptom: Patch Cable game would not scan cables at all
  • Display order option not working correctly in Valve Game
    • Symptom: Changing the display order option for any sensor would only change the option for sensor 1
  • USB port identifier changed in recent versions
    • Symptom: When plugging a BAC into a computer, the port identifier shows up as different than the board default, causing issues with things like our bootloader updater
  • Output 1 turning on during startup
    • Symptom: When using a rev 4 or below BAC, output 1 would come on after startup and stay on
  • RFID Game
    • Buttons not refreshing page
      • Symptom: When pressing buttons such as “Learn Tags” the tags would be learned but the page would not refresh to reflect that
    • Wrong tag value displayed
      • Symptom: The tag value was being displayed in different formats in different places in the interface
    • Live updating not working on Game Master page
      • Symptom: When on the Game Master page and placing tags on the readers, the display would not update live to reflect their presence
    • Events not triggering multiple times
      • Symptom: When solving an event multiple times, the corresponding event would only trigger once, even if the correct option was set
  • Audio configuration file being saved on startup
    • Symptom: The configuration file for audio would always be saved on startup on an audio BAC, potentially wearing down EEPROM
  • All relay event action not working
    • Symptom: Calling the all relay action would not always affect all relays
  • All relay event not setting FX60 relays
    • Symptom: Calling the all relay action with an FX60 connected would not affect its relays

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