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Bad ASS Controller Release 1.7.x

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BAC 1.7.10
Fixed bug with phone game crashing.
Symptom: Phone game would crash on startup if hardware was not connected or not detected properly
Fixed bug with low power audio amp hardware detection
Symptom: Low power audio amp would be detected as an FX51 due to them sharing the same address

BAC 1.7.4 - 1.7.6
Fixed bug with knock sequence learning.
Symptom: Learning a shorter sequence after learning a longer sequence would keep the tail end of the longer sequence.
Fixed bug with RFID game when different # of saved tags vs readers used
Symptom: Strange behavior with less tags than readers, crashes with more tags than readers
Fixed bug with RFID game softlocking when garbage received on startup.
Symptom: Switching BAC to RFID game would cause reset.
Fixed bug with custom events 4-7 calling event 3 internally.
Symptom: Calling any custom event 4-7 would trigger event 3
Fixed bug with watchdog resetting after taking certain code paths
Symptom: Resets after saving changes in BAM, loading new games / networks, etc.
Fixed bug with events calling other events
Symptom: Rare crashes when using "Call Event" action

BAC 1.7.3
EEPROM Settings backup / restore functionality
Sequence game processes no press states and multipress states
Added analog detection for simple match
Fixed EEPROM vars first initialization
Added FX51Array support and detection
Updated unprogrammed digital hall detection and programming
Updated Knock Knock game. More flexible
Fixed bug with max sequence size for rfid / input sequence / simon says
Software Serial option for sprite player (hw serial conflicts when using RS485/rfid)
Added timestamp check to "clear events" event, only clears events queued before clear event.

BAC 1.7.2
Update Interface for All Games 
Add initialization event, called once on startup, default enable (the init event should always call enable if not enabled via network, or your game won't run)
Add overview / overrides for room controller game
Fixed activity lights in games
Sequence game to support inputs being pressed at all time
Touching hands fixed for use in the new event system
Fix event system column formatting
Increased length limit on file names

BAC 1.7.1
Added new event system
Added audio capability
Added sprite player capability
Added device info to every screen
Added default IP fallback in the event DHCP fails
Added DHCP retry when cable is unplugged then plugged back in
Added audio debug and sd root file explorer to hardware page
Added manual audio board enable
Added Neopixel / serial LED functionality
Added RFID relay output for special config FX200
Added progressive and randomization modes to Simon Says
Added valve and combo lock games (separate firmware)
Moved phone game (separate firmware)
Added coloring to page groups in interface
Changed ports used by BAC for network communication
Fixed input overrides from network calls
Fixed issue with certain games spamming network calls
Fixed issue with certain dropdowns not reflecting their selected value
Fixed issue with page not refreshing when changing network settings
Fixed issue with input sequence learning corruption in corner cases
Cleaned several interfaces
Removed "None" and "RFID Simple" games
Renamed "RFID Advanced" to "RFID"
Significantly reduced RAM usage

BAM 1.7.0
Sort devices by IP so they don't move around on discovery page
Added fallback detection for devices that fail to DHCP
Added automatic port detection for devices
Added game and network information per device on discovery page
Fixed issue with websockets closing prematurely

Bootloader 1.3
Added recovery from bad tftp filename
Fixed an issue preventing devices from connecting over USB after getting stuck in a failed tftp update loop 

USB firmware files attached below. Please reference instructions here: http://manuals.escaperoomtechs.com/bac/usbfirmware...