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Bad ASS Controller Network Requirements

BAC w Connectors Top Angled ViewThe Bad ASS Controller is awesome, but it does need a solid network.

Under typical circumstances, directly connecting a BAC to a computer (no router or switch) is not a solid network. We are working on a special configuration to help in that situation.

Most networks (run from an internet router) support a protocol called DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). This is just a fancy name for a system that tells the devices on a network many basic details about how to talk to each other and how to get to the Internet. Without this, devices (computers, printers, BACs) just look at each other funny.

In most cases, the only reason you would NOT have this enabled on your network is if someone turned it off or you are not on a network connected to the Internet. We are working on systems to address these configurations, but for now contact us and we can walk you through how to address this.

Firewall issues

Be sure your network connection type is not Public! Setting to Private or Domain is the recommended setting. Windows networks marked as Public with extra security which hinders controller communications. If you do need to have your network type Public, then contact us for how to configure your firewall.

Geek Note

In short you need to add a inbound firewall rule to allow UDP traffic to the BadASSManager server application.